*Please note there is no holiday surcharge for regular services*

   Paws and More! Premium Pet Care

And for the people who, over the years, have asked me why my kids are so well behaved....now you know!!!

Menu of Services

I offer a variety of dog and cat walking and pet sitting care.  I consider it my job to work with you to develop a care plan that not only satisfies you, but more importantly satisfies all your pets' needs. My services are custom made to fit you and your pets unique circumstances. 

  • Meet & Greet -  This complimentary service is mandatory for new clients. We'll arrange a time to meet so we can get acquainted and I can learn about you and your pets needs, and you get to meet me and get any questions answered that you may have. This is also the time we would go through any paperwork and special instructions, etc. 
  • Dog or Cat Walking - I'll pick up your dog or cat from your home, exercise them in a familiar neighborhood or park, and use a specific route if so requested. Your pet will have one-on-one personalized attention at all times. I will then refill water bowls on our return and provide lots of hugs and belly rubs before it's time to leave.                   

20-minute walk time 30-min total $17.50

40-minute walk time 50-min total $26.50 

Each additional pet $6

  • In-House Pet Visits -Are you unable to get home during the day? I'll feed, water and provide companionship to your pets. I'll also take care of those important needs like litter box maintenance, toilet breaks, brushing, etc....    

 30-Minute in-house care $17.50

50-minute in-house care $26.50

Additional pets $6 each

  • Complimentary extras - Mail retrieval...watering of plants...home security (adjusting of blinds and lights, etc., which creates a lived-in look that helps to deter crime. 
  • Additional services - Other services are available such as house sitting and shorter pop-in visits (available when using a regular pet walk or in-house service). If you have any needs that you would like to discuss, please don't hesitate to contact me and we can devise a plan that will meet all the requirements for you and pets. 
  • House Sitting/Overnight Visits -  Over night/house sitting fee's are based on 2 visits during the day plus an average 8 hour overnight stay. For example: I would arrive at night around 9.30 to 10pm  leave at 6am, return around 11am leave at 11.50am, then return around 4pm leave at 4.50pm and then back around 9.30pm for the overnight visit. Each of the visits would include exercise, feeding,  potty breaks etc.  

Overnight including 2 Daily Visits $100 per day

Each additional pet $8 each

Holiday surcharge for overnight $25

You can also add extra visits where ever you think they may be needed depending

on your pet/pets regular routines and needs.